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Visiting the Victims of Rana Plaza

May 01, 2013 6 Comments by

Against the building, coffins were stacked row upon row, ten feet high and nearly as deep from an end of the wall that was bathed in the glow of a dim orange light, to the other, where darkness hid wherever the procession ceased. They were empty. Most of the corpses had already been moved elsewhere. But there would be another wave after the day’s demolition. They’d given up on finding any more alive.

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Nevermind Capitalism, Noam. Can Civilization Survive Me?

Mar 14, 2013 No Comments by

American linguist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor, and modern-day de Tocqueville,  Noam Chomsky, composes essays of such a signature character that they deserve their own name, which I elect should be noam. That term introduced, I can proceed to my true purpose, which is to argue that while Professor Chomsky’s latest noam, “Can Civilization Survive [...]

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Climate Change is Me

Mar 08, 2013 3 Comments by

Shed a tear if you must, even just inside, for one knee-jerk moment of vulnerability. Like I did as I read this op-ed by Tom Englehardt on the recent disappointing climate change rally in DC. Climate change is my work. I wish it didn’t feel as though it had to be. There’s so much I’d [...]

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A Love Grows at Home in All of Us

Dec 01, 2011 10 Comments

Like a peacock drawing in its feathers, one atop another, such that he could no longer tell exactly what it was, he woke abruptly from his dream. Like many of them, this one reminded him of how he could but did not feel. It recollected a vanished or vanquished feeling (he did not know which, [...]

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An Accident in DC

Jul 27, 2011 No Comments

This one wasn’t quivering, his arms and hands trembling as they lay across his chest. This one was still, lying in the road as rivulets of blood dried on his face while paramedics assessed the damage. The indentation in the front windshield of the car that struck him was massive and shaped like a human being rolled up into a ball, like in a fetal position. What if the glass hadn’t held, I wondered.

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